Installing and configuring Dollaro (DBG Poker) Converter

1. Download the latest version of Dollaro (DBG Poker) Converter from our site: For receiving the software please contact us in Skype live:planetconverter or via email

2. Unzip downloaded archive and run the file DollaroConverter.exe as Administrator (Please note that Windows may ask you if you are sure about the software provider, please go to «Details» and press «Run Anyway»)

3. Please push “License” and send us your “Master key” – after that we’ll send you your license key

4. If your license is correct, you will see a message “Key accepted” under the fileld with your license key. After that please push “OK”, and push “Start” in the main window.

Please always run hands converter before the starting of poker client

Please use ONLY the default folder for installing the poker client!

Please always run your converter and your poker client as Administrator

Please note that converter works only with Google Chrome

Setup Dollaro Converter + Google Chrome extension:

1) In Chrome, open chrome://extensions/
2) Click [x] Developer mode
3) Click Load unpacked extension…
4) Navigate to the %MyDocuments%\PlanetConverter\DollaroChromeExtension folder and click OK
5) In Dollaro Converter, select appropriate Dollaro host [NELSON4BET, WINBETH24, POKER00 etc]
6) In Dollaro Converter, click Start, allow network access
7) In Chrome, open Dollaro lobby and start playing

Please note that converter works only if poker lobby is on English. If your poker lobby is shown on any other language, please install Quick Language Switcher extension from official Google Chrome WebStore, restart your Google Chrome and choose English language:

After that you will need to login into poker client again.

Configuring Holdem Manager 2

1. Press «Site Setup»

2. Select «Poker Stars» and press «+»

3. Press «…» and choose the folder «Documents\HandHistory\Dollaro» and press «Save»

Configuring Poker Tracker 4

1. Press «Configure»

2. Choose «PokerStars» in opening window, set «Get Hands From Site While Playing», then press «Add» and select the folder «Documents\HandHistory\Dollaro». Then press «OK»